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The Stanley Family

A Brief History

Since 1999 our family has grown in to a family of five.  Along the way we continued to research ways of living healthier and constantly changed our diet to what we perceived as the best health route for us and our children.  From low carbs to vegetarian, we realized all of these eating habits have their place.

In 2015, after family health issues and years of research and denial, we (we, meaning the two parents in the house) decided to try veganism.  After months of mistakes we finally got the hang of it, and our son joined us.  Our daughters still eat meat and dairy (when they pay for their own meals or eat outside the house), and they can make the decision on how they want to eat whenever they want.  We hope they change their minds, but no pressure.

The ultimate test was a seven month military deployment, however once complete, the "how did you do it" questions began to rain in.  So, we decided to create Never Not Vegan as a collection of our tools and answers.  We really hope this helps you no matter where you are in your journey to a healthy you and happy planet.

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