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Don’t waste your time with a list of all the vegan and vegetarian spots in your area. Get straight to the point and know the BEST STRICTLY VEGAN FOOD SPOTS in your city. This page is constantly updated.

Posts in Los Angeles CA USA
Happy Ice

To explain the taste of Happy Ice is to imagine if soft serve and shaved ice had a baby. The texture is so smooth with a bit of grit for a hint of shaved ice feel.

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Cocobella Creamery

Cocobella Creamery believes that everyone deserves a delicious scoop of ice cream.  Whether you are allergic to dairy or gluten or simply choose not to consume these common allergens, you can scream for our ice cream!

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Monty's Good Burger

Artisanal burgers made from locally sourced ingredients, house-made sauces, and the plant-based Impossible™ patty, Monty’s Good Burger creates a hamburger that anyone can enjoy.

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Los Angeles serves up arguably the best Mexican dishes outside of actual Mexico, and before I even decided to take a trip down to LA, Vegatinos kept popping up in my timelines and feeds.

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Hug Life Ice Cream

I love ice cream… It’s my favorite food. My two main requirements for ice cream are that it has to be eaten out of a waffle cone, and it’s got to look fun. Hug Life Ice Cream more than fulfills those requirements!

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