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Monty's Good Burger


Monty’s Good Burger

Los Angeles CA USA

Monty’s Good Burger is the plant-based concept of close friends who could not imagine a better place to manifest their passion for real, quality food. After trying the Impossible Burger in the summer of 2017, the collective set out to launch Monty’s Good Burger in L.A.’s Koreatown and The Riverside Food Lab in Riverside California.

Featuring artisanal burgers made from locally sourced ingredients, house-made sauces, and the plant-based Impossible™ patty, Monty’s Good Burger creates a hamburger that anyone can enjoy. Beyond delicious, the burgers are an option for carnivores who care about the environment but still want that familiar taste, as Monty’s Good Burgers require 75-80% less environmental resources than animal meat. 

The “Good” in Good Burger means much more than taste to us. We strive to sensibly source our ingredients, use only compostable serving products and provide our staff a living wage.

Monty’s Good Burger serves up refreshing organic fountain sodas made with pure cane sugar, sparkling house-made lemonade, cookies made by Rocco’s Sweet Shoppe, handcrafted sauces and delicious organic shakes blended with soy from A’la Minute Ice Cream. Burgers feature buns by Bosch Bakery and plant-based cheese and Vegenaise® from Follow Your Heart®, a locally owned, family business for over 30 years.

Monty’s Good Burger has been made possible by Creative Director Dennis Gomez, Art Directors Max Angles & Lexie Jiaras, our incredible staff and of course, Monty.