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Timeless Coffee


Timeless Coffee

Oakland CA USA

Pros: Donuts, eco-friendly, and a very comforting atmosphere

Cons: Coffee

Let me begin by saying, I would definitely go to this place again... But not for the coffee. Please know that I am not a big coffee drinker; however if you like your coffee bitter and don't mind floating chunks of almond milk, then this coffee is for you. In my experience with coffee, I've noticed I prefer soy milk over any other milk, and I don't recall it getting chunky and floating to the top. I may be wrong, but if not, I would like for Timeless Coffee to have a soy milk option as well. As of this writing, Timeless Coffee has two locations in Berkeley and Oakland. I tried the "Timeless Iced" coffee in both locations (Oakland on Saturday and Berkeley the next day) just to see if it was a fluke, but got the same bitter chunky results.

Anyway, let's get to why I would come to Timeless Coffee again, as I only write reviews for places I recommend. The donuts we're really good! I had a chocolate-almond-coconut donut (may have been called "Almond Joy") and the chocolate flavor really popped. My kids loved their donuts, because we'll... they're kids. And my wife had a small cheesy something which was really good as well. Everybody had their laptops open at the Berkeley location, so I assume the Wi-Fi is also great. The staff at both locations we're very friendly and even joked with me (the key to my heart is to laugh at my jokes). I also like that they do not seem to generate a lot of trash. They provide all washable plates, cups, glasses, and utensils. If you are taking your coffee and food to go, you can bring your own mugs and containers, or they will provide that good biodegradable stuff (yeeaahh).

So, in conclusion, bring your favorite mug from home and try their coffee with a donut. I'm a special occasion coffee drinker, so my taste buds may not know what the hell they're talking about when it comes to the bitter taste. As always, they are entirely vegan.