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14 Must Have Vegan Recipe Ingredients You Don't Have

Must Have Vegan Ingredients

This is a test! If you score a perfect 14, comment below with your social media handle and share your recipes with me. If you are a professional or self taught (that’s me) vegan chef and you are missing any of these ingredients, click on the image and you will be redirected to Amazon for purchase. Yes, these are Amazon Affiliate links, but I wouldn’t be sharing them if I didn’t swear by them. Share your score in the comments!

You can put it in your tea and use for any sauce that needs to be sweetened, like Thai peanut sauce.

Put it on everything.

A little goes a long way, and this is a good way to add a smokey heat flavor to dishes.

Use it for Mexican, Spanish, or Middle Eastern dishes.

It's in the name... use it for Curry, and if you want your lentil soup to have a curry flavor.

Not to be confused with Garlic Salt. Put in most dishes that call for garlic, like guacamole.

A blend of common spices used in Italian dishes, like any pasta sauce.

An alternative to soy sauce. We use it because it tastes better to us, and full of amino acids.

If you need to add a cheesy flavor to your dishes. Add it to soup for another layer of flavor. It also has B12.

Used to season gravies and soups.

Because you need salt for your food to taste good.

For any recipe that calls for paprika, use this instead. Adds a smokiness to your dish. We almost use it for everything.

Used to make sauces and aioli. Mix it with Smoked Paprika to add extra flavor to tacos and burritos.

Do you want that hickory smoked flavor? Then this is what you need, especially if you are bringing something to the BBQ.