Never Not Vegan
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Who We Are

Get to know the team behind Never Not Vegan. A husband and wife, mother and father, maneuvering through the trials of parenthood and better living.


Who We Are


A Brief History

Along the way we continued to research ways of living healthier and constantly changed our diet to what we perceived as the best route for us and our children.  From low carbs, to vegetarian, we realized all of these eating habits have their place.

In 2015, after family health issues and years of research and denial, we (we, meaning the two parents in the house) decided to try veganism.  After months of mistakes we finally got the hang of it, and our son joined us. Our daughters still eat meat and dairy (when they pay for their own meals or eat outside the house), and they can make the decision on how they want to eat whenever they want.  We hope they change their minds, but no pressure.

The ultimate test was a seven month military deployment; however once complete, the โ€œhow did you do itโ€ questions began to rain in.  So, we decided to create Never Not Vegan as a collection of our tools and answers. We really hope this helps you no matter where you are in your journey to a healthy you and happier planet.



When Rose is not testing vegan recipes, teaching algebra, returning products that snuck โ€œmilk powderโ€ in the ingredients, unclogging drains, transporting kids around town, meditating, or at the gym, she is mediating disagreements, managing time, coordinating schedules, and researching more vegan recipes. Basically, her life as a Navy wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and chef never ends, and when that alarm soundsโ€ฆ sheโ€™s back at it all over again.

Does this sound like too much to you? Well, not to her (all the time). Rose has been doing this for over 20 years and is a professional at these trades. She is also a Ulcerative Colitis survivor. If you have always wanted to meet Superwoman, wait no more, because here she is!



Chris doesnโ€™t cook much, but heโ€™s really good at hand washing dishes and surfing the web since 1993. A firm believer in adaptation for survival, he is always testing popular theories he comes across online, which led him to veganism. Not all of his testing led to positive results, but if there is a strong backing behind it, he will try it.

For years he has prided himself in knowing what style or art would trend before it hit the mainstream, but putting ethical practices of a brand above all criteria completely changed how he sees fashion. Now heโ€™s on a quest to find the freshest vegan shoes, clothes, products, events, and food this world has to offer; all while being a husband, father, and full-time Navy Sailor.